Ada Brings the Best Of Pastels For You For Spring-Summer 2022

Ada Brings the Best Of Pastels For You For Spring-Summer 2022

Spring season is all about blossoming bright hues and floral prints, and your wardrobe should reflect exactly that! We are bringing together Ada’s New Chikankari Arrivals assortment in Pastels to add the blooming touch of color your Indian closet needs to have!

Lemons and Yellows – A sunshine of your Spring-Summer

Share your happy side with Ada Hand Embroidered Yellow Georgette Lucknow Chikankari Angarkha Kurta With Slip A411259

Show the world your fun side by dazzling the streets with the perfect yellow shade for summers. The lightness of the yellow color also very gracefully matches the light and comfortable fabric of this beautiful piece of art. The design is sleek, perfect for outdoors and indoors especially this festive season. You can style this simple design with bold accessories and make a statement at any place you go.


Brighten up your wardrobe with Ada Hand Embroidered Yellow Cotton Lucknowi Chikan Unstitched Suit Piece-A211119

The Yellow dress material will remind you of a gorgeous summer with smiling children and happy days when you feel energetic and glide through the tough days with a big smile on your face! The colour yellow also shows the world your love for creativity and establishes you as a good communicator amongst the group. Take charge and start dressing for the role you want with this very minimal and comfortable Yellow dress material today!


Step out in style with Hand Embroidered Yellow Kota Lucknow Chikan Palazzo-A711120

You can never go wrong with an elegant and simple yellow and white combination. These sleek yellow Chikan Palazzo are a must-have for your wardrobe this summer! You can style these Palazzo’s with any sporty or fashionable look to look effortlessly perfect. The yellow makes these palazzos very fit for the summer with the light color and fitted finishing. These palazzos will instantly put you in a better mood with it’s soothing yellow color that makes you feel energized and ready for the world!

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Lavenders, Mauves & Purples – For Your Royal Representation

Purple is considered as the color of royalty and spirituality. Mixing this color with an elegant sari gives you the perfect royal feel. Just stepping into a room wearing purple will make heads turn in awe and amazement. This color is also associated with wisdom and maturity as purple is a very beautiful deep color which is pleasing to the eye as well as soothing to the soul. With the heavenly pairing of these two elements together, you can grab all the attention in any room and walk around like a queen.

Celebrate a perfect royal feel with Ada Hand Embroidered Mauve Georgette Lucknowi Chikankari Saree With Blouse A159302

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This light purple shade is perfect to encapsulate your essence of mystery. With the minimal embroidery and the beautiful purple base of this kurta, this is a perfect summer dress for you! The elegant design makes this Purple dress material work perfectly in any situation- be it for a day out or a day at work- you can be tension free about style when you wear this classic timeless piece out and about in the world.

Show the world you are mysterious, wise and intuitive just by wearing this lovely Purple dress material.

Ada’s Purple dress material is perfect to flaunt

Peach is the color of femininity, playfulness and kindness. Flaunt your elegant feminine side with this summer’s top worn color and see the magic of this color win you and everyone over. The flowers and you will bask in the summer sun’s glory while you walk around with this beautiful bright color and show your playful side to all. The very light shade of peach used here also makes the whole piece very summery and the comfortable material used here makes the dress a statement piece.

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Peaches And Oranges – For Your Soft and Playful Side

Ada Hand Embroidered Mustard Georgette Lucknow Chikankari Kurta Set A811214

Peach refers to good health, femininity and shows the more soft and playful side of you to the world. The needle-point work done on the saree is very beautiful and is sure to suit the summer bliss that peach is associated with. Make sure to keep this piece in your closet and pair it with elegant minimal jewellery to enhance your look and make a statement by just being yourself.

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Ada Hand Embroidered Orange Georgette Lucknow Chikan Kurti with slip A911149

The peach kurti will make you the centre of attention in any room you walk in and flash your incredible feminine yet playful energy. The light pink also has a hints of white all over that add to the magestic feel and beauty of the kurti.

As added bonus this peach kurti is versatile and can be wear anywhere. It’s comfortable fabric and lightness makes this piece a statement and must have for this and coming summers. This elegant design and cheerful color is definitely a must have if you want to be the life of a party.

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Ada Hand Embroidered Orange Georgette Lucknow Chikan Kurti with slip A911149

PINKS: An Absolute Color of Your Summer and Spring

The summery pink kurti is a very easy to manage item in your closet that you can come back to multiple times as your days go.

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Ada Hand Embroidered Pink/White Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Kurta Set-A811119

Simple, elegant and classy. If these words define your summer then you need to have the summery Pink Palazzos off the racks and into your closet! With the possibility of having multiple outfits ready to go with these pants, it is an absolute need to have for all your summer activities.

You can style these Palazzos with almost anything and it will still steal the show with its cute color and fabulous fitting on you. These sleek pants ensure that you look ready for the world while looking beautiful.

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Ada Hand Embroidered Pink Kota Lucknow Chikan Palazzo- A711121.

Natural Fawn and Beige – A Prosperous Dawn of Your Summers

Beige is the color of love, prosperity and luck! This is exactly how you should look like when you dawn this beautiful unstitched dress material.

You can style this piece with bold statement jewelry pieces and make any person jealous of your outfit!

You can wear this outfit to all your summer and this simple unstitched dress material will make your look more elegant, designer and we’ll styles!

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Beige is the colour that becomes your charm.

Palazzo are a must have for any wardrobe and while it seems unconventional, these golden hemmed pants will be an absolute fit for you this summer and wedding season!

The most beautiful color and embroidery on this piece makes it extremely well crafted as the designs are an absolute fit for any wardrobe and any event! Once you step in a room with this stylish and modern piece, you are bound to be the star of the day!

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Ada Hand Embroidered Fawn Cotton Lucknow Chikan Palazzo-A711116

Blues The color blue is the very representation of calmness, eccentricity and coolness.

A blue kurti is exactly what you need for a summery day out in the sun. The blue makes your skin look brighter and you to feel cooler.

The color also adds to the vibrancy if your personality and lifts your style quotient from zero to hero in one look.

The universality of this color also makes it perfect for all occasions indoors or outdoors and helps you always stay at the top of your fashion game


Ada Hand Embroidered Blue Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Kurta A411380

A saree is a must have for the summer as you flaunt your beautiful designer blouse and sleek designs on your pallu. A blue sarI does the trick easily by remaining as an easy piece to style!

You can wear this blue saree and show the world your calm and collected demeanor that also represents your beautiful sense of fashion in a very organized way!


Ada Hand Embroidered Blue Kota Lucknow Chikan Saree With Blouse A311351

Greens: For Your Good Health and Eternal Happiness

If health and happiness define you then this green kurti is tailor made just for you! With intricate work done all over the kurti it still remains as simple and elegant as ever. The Green kurti is designed to show your beautiful and glowing smile and it goes perfectly with every skin tone and flatters it

A beautiful Green kurti with an immediate effect on your and your surroundings mood is what makes this magical piece so worth it!

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Ada Hand Embroidered Green Chanderi Lucknow Chikankari Kurta A411373

Green is the color of nature, healing and signifying the newness of things. With a new summer filled with many joys, this green dupatta is a reminder to always be ready, fresh and filled with happy thoughts. Green also stands for healing, hope and growth in life and incorporating green to your wardrobe will increase your healthy mindset and lifestyle.

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Ada Hand Embroidered Green Kota Lucknowi Chikankari Dupatta-A511161

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