Tepchi Stitch of Chikan Embroidery

Tepchi Stitch of Chikan Embroidery

What is a Tepchi Stitch?

Tepchi or Taipchi or Tipkhi stitch is a long-running or darning stitch worked with six strands on the right side of the fabric taken over four threads and picking up one. Thus, by this, a line is formed. Sometimes Tepchi is used to make the “bel buti “all over the fabric.  

 Tepchi Stitch

Origin of Tepchi Stitch

The Tepchi stitch resembles ‘Jamdani’ and is considered the cheapest and the quickest stitch. ‘Jamdani’ is a fine muslin fabric with mostly floral designs woven in Dhaka where it’s also known as Dhakai. Since a few hundred years earlier; ‘Jamdani’ was not readily available in Lucknow, the Ruasa (elite class) wanted to replicate this fabric but since there were no weavers to make ‘Jamdani’ in Lucknow chikan workers were deployed to create something closest to Jamdani. After much cogitation, the stitch of tepchi was created and dense floral patterns were embroidered. If done finely it would be difficult to differentiate it from the woven fabric of Jamdani. 

Tepchi stitch

Ada Chikan & Tepchi Stitch  

From Chikan Sarees to Chikan Dupattas to elegant kurta pieces, you can witness how Tepchi stitch is creatively used by our artisans to create mesmerising chikankari pieces. Let us introduce you with beautiful Tepchi stitch pieces at Ada Chikan.

Chikan Dupatta

A beautiful accessory to flaunt, complete your ethnic look with Ada Chikan’s Tepchi Dupatta’s. Elaborately designed in the charming Tepchi stitch created to perfection by our artisans. These dupattas are a great addition to your ethnic wear wardrobe. Team up, these dupattas with chikan kurtas and bottoms for perfect chikankari fashion.

Black Tepchi Dupatta  Tepchi stitch dupatta

Tepchi Dupatta

Chikan Saree

Here’s presenting Lucknowi Chikankari Saree with the authenticity of Tepchi stitches that will never go out of fashion. Drape yourself in delicate Chikan Embroidered Saree by Ada Chikan and let the meaning of elegance be redefined.

Tepchi chikan saree

Tepchi Saree

Tepchi chikankari saree

Chikan Kurta Piece

Exclusive unstitched kurta piece by Ada Chikan which set a fashion statement with its rich fabric and heritage embroidery. The Tepchi stitch is formed by our artisans reflecting the true meaning of creative craftsmanship.

tepchi stitch

– by Lubna Fatima 

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