Chikankari on Pashmina! Can you think of anything more Luxurious? by ADA Chikan

Chikankari on Pashmina! Can you think of anything more Luxurious? by ADA Chikan
bright red pashmina with chikankari

Amongst the countless treasures of India, a universally beloved one is the Lucknowi hand embroidery popularly known as ‘Chikankari‘. A few years back when people think about Chikan dresses, the image that first strikes their mind is apparel featured in white cotton or muslin fabric embellished with white cotton thread using traditional Chikankari stitches like Bakhiya’, ‘Phanda’, ‘Ghas Patti’, ‘Murri’ and ‘Keel Kangan’ etc.


But with the passage of time Lucknowi Chikan industry have experienced a drastic change. With every passing second, genius brains of the fashion world are coming up with a new and exciting concept that add freshness of the modern world into this centuries-old handicraft. The motto is one that is to give new designer avatar to the authentic contour Chikan.

Vinod Punjabi Lucknow Chikankari Handicraft Association Owner at Ada Chikan

From the coats to skirts, kimonos to corsets, the majestic art of Chikankari is no longer restricted to the Indian wear. A mind-boggling combination of Chikan, sequins, muquaish, zardozi and Resham embroidery are combined in a beautiful manner to create a modern silhouette.

Artisans of Lucknow Chikankari industry, covered by Lucknow local news channel speaking with Vinod Punjabi founder of Ada brad of Chikankari

These days, Chikankari is crafted in almost every fabric including Silk, Kota, Crepe, Silk, Georgette, Organza and Net. So, the question is if Lucknowi Chikan can be reveled on all such fabrics then why not Pashmina? Pashmina is a hand spun fabric woven by using finest cashmere wool. This royal heritage fabric is always the first choice of the women from elite class since centuries.

Fawn chikankari gents loi with fashionable motifs from Mughal architecture

Pashmina shawls and Chikankari– both are royal and taken as a symbol of prestige. So, Ada Designer Chikan Studio has started a new saga of style, glam, and ethnocentrism by combining these two souvenirs of rich Indian culture. The premium collection of Chikankari embellished Pashmina shawls at Ada is truly mesmerising. The amazing duo beautifully transports the royal warmth that every woman loves to hug around.

Lucknowi Chikankari staying fashionable Vinod Punjabi Ada founder

Traditional fruity motifs are used to draw interesting patterns on the shawls which are turned into reality by the expert artisans using Fine cotton thread. Delicate Chikan stitches like ‘Bakhiya’, ‘Phanda’, ‘Pechni’, ‘Murri’, ‘Hool’ and ‘Ghas Patti’ are used to create Lucknow magic on the Cashmere Fabric. Isn’t it great?

Fine chikankari stitches shown on kashmir's pashmina in briht cherry red shawl adorned with cream color pearls

The Pashmina wool shawl is adorned with intricate Chikankari Embroidery. Assimilated with some of the most traditional Chikankari motifs into a contemporary design language, the designer shawl celebrates the age-old craft and aims to preserve this unique art form of embroidery.

hazratganj store for lucknow chikan craft is ada designer chikan studio with hand crafted beauty

The sartorial elegance of the precisely designed hand embroidered Pashmina Shawl takes it away from the traditional white on white palate. The fine needle stitch embroidery, feather soft embroidery thread in alluring hues and texture is truly unmatchable. This experiment is undoubtedly one of the most revolution experiments in the history of Chikankari which is yet untouched by the other designers of the world.

Leaf design chikankari motif

Basking in the poetic halo reminiscent, Chikankari kurti designsis truly a symbol of timeless elegance. This is just a start for the transformation of precious art form holding Mughal essence. Many more surprises are yet to come.

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