Looking for Vibrant Holi Collections? Ada Chikan has got you covered!

Looking for Vibrant Holi Collections? Ada Chikan has got you covered!

Holi, a loved festivity of bright colours and unlimited sweets are here again with the onset of the Spring season, and we are yet again, eager to be covered in bright gulaal around our loved ones. Holi is widely celebrated in India, along with Indian communities settled abroad.

Holi is a festival of celebration and joy to welcome the new beginning and start afresh, just as the Spring season covers all grounds with overflowing blossoms of each colour. Holi not only signifies the new birth of blossoms, but it also signifies the end of evil indicating the burning of Holika, as per Hindu Mythology.

Turning the pages of mythology, this festival of colours used to be cherished at the time of Lord Krishna, followed by gulaal and folk dance, the tradition remains celebrated in full swing until date.

Holi is celebrated by smearing colours of different use spreading brotherhood and sharing emotions with a warm embrace.

The nation brings together happiness that gets is spread with the loud musical drum beats of merriness, people leave behind old grudges and mis-feelings to move forward in a positive, forgiving and friendly life.

Holi is the ultimate greeting to the almighty for thriving happiness in life.

We welcome Holi with soothing clear White attires and stylish personal looks. This Holi, Ada has got you covered with a select collection of Clear White Ethnic Attires to perfectly align with your Holi preparations.

Get your wardrobe Gulaal-Ready with Ada Chikan Ethnic Ensembles

Smear some colours to your life with Ada’s set of beautiful ranges.

Ada's Kurti Collections
A bright white Chikankari Kurti for the auspicious Holi with Ada’s Kurti Collections

Celebrate your bright Holi morning with Ada’s white chikan kurtas. White is the colour that blends with many shades, any colour can be smeared on white to signify a new meaning of the celebration.

White represents purity, brilliance, heaven, illumination and innocence. Indeed, it is a good colour of a successful beginning. Holi is often marked by the white clothes as an invitation to get drenched in diverse colours.

white sarees in cotton, kota doria and georgette
Showcase the unwavering spirit of Holi with Ada Chikan’s range of white sarees in cotton, Kota Doria and georgette

An epitome of elegance and embroidered from the city of Nawabs, Ada’s white Chikankari sarees are here to make you a sensational star of Holi.

Let the flow of festivities prevail with flawless beauty. A splash of soothing colours looks more appealing on intricate designs.

It’s time for divas to be showstoppers with Ada’s set of white-coloured saree.

Ada Embroidery’s Men's Straight Kurta
Radiate a royal charisma with Ada Embroidery’s Men’s Straight Kurta

Reflecting a sophisticated charm of masculinity with Ada’s Men’s Straight Kurta, an appeal of festive look is reflected when adorned with chikan stitches such as bakhiya, keel Kangan, phanda, jaali, and pechni. It is the best for a royal welcome and can match with desi jutis, leather loafers, or Kolhapuri chappals.

Ada is here to be your festive attire brand always!

Avail of the benefits of customization, free shipping, and worldwide delivery of Ada has conceptualized the traditional art of Lucknow Chikankari Online Shopping as a timeless fashion statement by bringing together the finest artisans receiving a delightful appreciation over the years.

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