What is a Unique HSN code?

What is a Unique HSN code?

The Harmonised System, or simply ‘HS’, is a six-digit identification code developed by the World Customs Organization. Manufacturers, importers and exporters have been using HSN codes to accurately cover exporting activity.

Why does Lucknow Chikan have a unique HSN code?

Lucknow is the city of rich art and culture, its heritage is popular worldover. The city of Nawabs remains most known for its food and clothing- kebabs and Lucknow Chikankari work.

 Craft of Chikankari

After ‘Khadi’ now ‘Lucknow Chikan’ gets a unique HSN code in the Indian Import Export Documentation process.  Craft of Chikankari now recognized under unique identifier code by Indian government

Lucknow Chikan has been an integral part of the city’s culture for decades. Its production right from carving wooden blocks to karigars completing intricate embroidery takes place in various parts of Lucknow division. Owing to this factor, the craft has been awarded a GI mark due to its specific place of geographical origin and the historic reputation it possesses due to that origin.

Mr. Vinod Punjabi the Founder of ADA Designer Chikan

Mr. Vinod Punjabi the Founder of ADA Designer Chikan Studio at Hazratganj Lucknow at the Press Conference celebrating a Harmonized System Code for exporting activities in Indian economy in Taj Hotel May 2022

This craft has been widely endorsed by fashion designers, Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities and prominent socialites globally. This has resulted in a surge in demand for this craft. 

With a new and unique HSN code for Authentic Lucknow Chikan we can distinguish it from the ‘fake’ machine-made embroidered apparel and accessories which claim to be Lucknow Chikan however the efforts alone are not enough. An exclusively allotted HSN code resolves this concern to a great extent by putting an end to the sellers of replica products from deceiving their buyers.

Moreover this is set to go a long way in protecting the employment of those artisans who depend on this sector’s growth and will support the generational pass over of the unique craft as artisans would not be forced to shift occupations owing to financial hardships.

When did Lucknow Chikan get a unique HSN code ?

May 2022 in India

Who announced a unique HSN code for Lucknow Chikan Craft?

Union Defence Minister of India & MP for Lucknow, Mr Rajnath Singh ji announced the provision of a special HSN code for Lucknow at a Press Conference in Taj Hotel Lucknow in May 2022. The event was organized by the esteemed members of Lucknow Chikankari Handicraft Association.

Lucknow Chikankari Press Conference - Mr Rajnath Singh

Union Defence Minister of India & MP of Lucknow Mr Rajnath Singh ji at the unique HSN code for Lucknow Chikankari Press Conference in Taj Hotel in May 2022

Singh said “Lucknow Chikankari holds a great place in the world today. There is no doubt that the handicraft industry contributes largely to the Indian economy.”

Many esteemed businessmen from the Chikankari industry in Lucknow were present – including in attendance, our Founder – Mr Vinod Punjabi, from Ada Designer Chikan Studio who gave the concluding speech at the event.

Lucknow Chikankari Press Conference - Mr Vinod Singh

Mr Vinod Punjabi from ADA who is an esteemed member of Lucknow Chikankari Handicraft Association giving the closing speech at the Press Conference in Taj Hotel May 2022.

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