Bridal Chikankari Lehenga: A Pride to Be Adorned By Every Indian Bride

Bridal Chikankari Lehenga: A Pride to Be Adorned By Every Indian Bride

It’s a dream come true! Every life has a grand moment where a new chapter unfolds on a fresh note. Every special occasion is graced with gracious attire and a Bridal Lehenga is what becomes a talk of the town, a beauty statement of every bride. The style statement she adorns is absolutely stupendous and becomes a rhythm of many heartbeats.

This image showcases fine hand work in a bright pink with metallic gold mukaish work
Ada’s Lucknow Chikan lehenga captures the gracious look every bride years to dawn

Lehenga is the power that fuels the spirit of a bride and makes her the sensual star of the eve.

A precious moment is graced when under the flowerbed, a bride makes her stunning entry and with her, it is her lehenga that mesmerizes everyone and captivates attention. A lehenga for a bride is the pride which she carries, not for her marriage only, but till eternity through pleasant memories.

This image showcases Ada Designer Chikan Studio Lucknow’s custom made Chikankari Lehenga Set
The right look, to make you the glowing star on your special evening

Choosing a bridal lehenga is a lifetime decision as many moments are framed starting from it, be it choosing the perfect one, or finally walking out towards her to-be groom.

At Ada, the search for every bride ends as we understand with a perfect mate, a bride needs a perfect lehenga that becomes her lifetime companion. There is a queen residing in every girl that calls for a royal attire yearning to twirl in Ada Chikan wedding lehenga or Chikankari bridal lehenga to mark your occasion.

Ada Designer Chikan Studio offers customization services for everything Chikankari! Shop now on or +91 9919920030
Look no further, your customized dream lehenga can be bought to life, with Ada!

Ada’s embroidery lehenga collection brings together the delicate and traditional craft of Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery with modern designs and silhouettes. This gorgeous Pink Chikankari Bridal Lehenga set brightens up the bride’s occasion making sure she garners enough compliments.

With Ada’s extensive collections, customize your dream lehenga and bring to life your perfect Chikankari bridal trousseau wardrobe.

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