Extravagant Products Worth Their High Price Tag

Extravagant Products Worth Their High Price Tag

Giving an ode to traditional Lucknowi Chikankari’s historic charm, Ada Designer chikan studio brings scintillating craftsmanship with its unique design and fabric. Ada has elevated the charm of Lucknowi chikankari which was slowly losing its identity, we have merged the timeless chikankari with contemporary designs. It’s about the details- Ada is unparalleled in design, quality and artistry, our artisans have weaved magic with their hands in each garment with finesse and intricate details required to create this art.

As they say quality comes with a price, we introduce you some of the luxurious chikan garments at Ada, which are worth their price tag. These raiments are brought to life by finest of craftsmen using the skilled technique which are the treasure of Lucknow.

  • Cascades of Elegance – Ada Hand Embroidered exclusive Peach Pure Georgette Chikankari Saree with Blouse

‘When grace and couture shook hands, the saree was born.’

Accentuate your beauty by draping this six yards of sheer elegance.  Design drawing inspiration from the traditional chikankari practised in the lanes of Lucknow and revolutionising it for the contemporary woman of today, this chikankari saree celebrates the true elegance of the womanhood. When heritage and glamour were merged together, this stunning Peach Pure Georgette Saree came into existence. Breathtakingly beautiful chikan stitches ‘Bakhiya’,  `Keel Kangan’, `Murri’, `Bijli’, `Hool’, `Kaate’, `Ghas Patti ’ and ‘Phanda’ ‘Kasab Jaali’ and ‘Gotta Patti’ are lusciously embroidered with white pure cotton thread. Shimmers of sequins, pearls and stain fabric edging on pallu and skirt. It comprises of blouse piece with all over sequins work.

Each stitch is hand embroidered telling a story about the craftsmanship of Lucknow, Chikankari is an elaborate process requiring precision and detailing at each step. This saree took almost more than one year in its completion, the grandeur and detailing of this saree shows the amount of research and time we spend to create a magnum opus like this one.


  • Unbelievable Gorgeous Salwar Suit Ada Hand Embroidered Mauve Medium Pure Georgette Lucknow Chikankari Stitched Suit

Look ethereal in a classic pure georgette suit. Unmatched design aesthetics meet mastery in technique, we are putting down the stories of Lucknowi chikankari with this hand embroidered Mauve Pure Georgette Suit. A wearable timeless with elaborate details perfectly orchestrated to form an effortlessly elegant fusion of Lucknowi chikankari on pure georgette fabric with a soft colour palette. Chikan stitches ‘Bakhiya’, ‘Phanda’ and ‘Keel Kangan’ formed with white cotton thread gives a new voice of the quintessential chikan embroidery. This mauve suit is a perfect epitome of grace and elegance with the embellishment of silver gotta, sequins, stone, pearls and zardozi work with pink satin edging on the A-line kurti.

Weaved with grace and poise, this ravishing pure georgette suit is created in an old-fashioned way. From start to finish, each stitch and design is delicately created with human hands. Our artisans patiently gave eight to nine months in creating this masterpiece, the final product is the labour of the research and labour he has put in.

Chikan Anarkali


– by Lubna Fatima 

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Commemorate the variety of Indian Handcrafted Artistry and simplify online shopping with Ada Designer Chikan Studio Ada conceptualized the traditional art of Lucknow Chikankari as a timeless fashion statement by bringing together the finest artisans receiving delightful appreciation for the cognoscente over the years. Lucknow Chikan Craft has received a GI Tag by the Government of India, which authenticates the handicraft is made and exported from Lucknow region to provide legal protection for the craft from imitation. ADA is GI registered. www.adachikan.com +91-97-7500-7500

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