The Bakhiya Stitch

The Bakhiya Stitch

In this series of articles, we discuss and elaborate upon the two renowned and celebrated stitches of Lucknowi Chikankari- Bakhiya Stitch and Ghas Patti Stitch.

Out of the 32 stitches, Bakhiya Stitch or Shadow Work is one of the most popular stitches of Lucknowi Chikankari. It’s for the most part done from the wrong side of the texture and the genuine design toward the front is rendered in herringbone style. The shadow of the string is seen on the material from the correct side. The mesmerising silhouette formed gives the look as if the embroidery is itself the texture of the garment. It is fabled that a Begum, on witnessing a beautiful appliqué dress of a British lady, wanted the same effect in embroidery on her dress, thus, this stitch of chikan was created in circa 18th century. It is done mostly in making petals of a floral motif or leaves giving a visual effect of a patch.

The Bakhiya Stitch is formed in two ways:

  1. a) Ulti Bakhiya (From backside): Ulti Bakhiya is crisscrossing of thread work on fabric- a reverse of shadow work. It gives the look as if the embroidery is itself the texture of the garment.
  2. b) Seedhi Bakhiya (From the front side): In this stitch, the filling is done on the wrong side while the design is bounded by a running stitch on the right side of the fabric to give a neat look.

Bakhiya Stitch is one of the most renowned and appreciated stitch of chikan embroidery this stitch is widely used in chikan garments. From Kurtis’s to Sarees to even Bed Sheets, you can witness the huge usage of Bakhiya stitch. Let’s introduce you to some of the finest products, encompassing ‘Bakhiya’ stitch.

Chikan Saree

Ada Hand Embroidered Maroon Faux Georgette Lucknowi Chikan Saree with BlouseSleek, feminine and definitely a stylish pick, this Maroon Faux Georgette Saree is ready to get the spotlight the minute one walks out of the doorsteps. Spruced up with the finest of chikankari stitch- ‘Bakhiya’, this saree envelops the body in the most enticing way. A perfectly crafted saree, the scintillating details of ‘Bakhiya’ stitches put-downs the artistic stories of Lucknowi chikan embroidery on a vibrant faux georgette saree.

Chikan Kurti

Ada Hand Embroidered Black Faux Georgette Lucknow Chikan Kurti
Delve into the world of Lucknow Chikankari with gorgeous Black Faux Georgette Lucknow Chikan Kurti. Exquisite chikan hand embroidery done by using Black and Green Cotton thread on this georgette kurti captivates the essence of Lucknow Chikan Embroidery. Traditional stitches of ‘Bakhiya’ using white and green cotton threads seamlessly blend with the colour and fabric.


Chikan Kurta Dupatta Set


Ada Hand Embroidered White Pure Georgette Lucknow Chikan Kurta Dupatta Set

Intricate Lucknowi chikankari details finely orchestrated on rich pure georgette base leads to the creation of White Unstitched Pure Georgette Kurta Dupatta Set from Ada Designer Chikan Studio. Chikankari is primarily associated with the white hue, we at Ada Chikan, have lovingly renewed this combination to suit your chikan embroidery longing. The canvas of white hue is delightfully decorated with peach resham threads adding to the beauty of this suit piece. The signature chikan embroidery stitch- ‘Bakhiya’ are delicately created with peach resham threads. The Bakhiya stitch revives Lucknow’s timeless craftsmanship on this suit piece. 

Chikan Bed Sheet

Ada Hand Embroidered Mauve Cotton Lucknowi Chikankari Bed Sheet
Make your home interiors look grand and lavish with this Ada Hand Embroidered Mauve Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Bed Sheet. This mauve bed sheet sports a lush colour palette; mauve cotton base adorned with delicate chikan stitches ‘Bakhiya’ creating all over Shadow Work with mauve cotton thread.

– by Lubna Fatima 

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