9 Stylish Outfits for Navratri

The Navratri season will soon be here in only 2 weeks. It’s that time of the year when you can wear authentic and stylish ethnic wear. Chikankari not just lends beauty on pastels but has an enigma and a charm on bright color fabrics. Chikan embroidery when done with a contrast color thread (like white on red fabric or black and white) outshines the beauty of any other detailed embroidery art.

 Navratri, which has several celebrations, is a favorite among people. The celebrations last nine days, with each day honoring a different Durga avatar. We offer 9 distinctive and colorful outfits for the 9 days of Navratri to enjoy and adorn this beautiful festival.

In India, Navratri is observed in various ways. Every ethnic lover’s favorite festival is Navratri. During this festive season, adding color to your outfit will help you blend in with the celebration and joy that the occasion offers. Each day of Navratri has a color of its own and there is a religious significance attached to it. However, some of us just enjoy dressing up in new clothes every day of this 9-day festival, which is celebrated as Durga Puja in West Bengal.

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Here are the nine colors of Navratri in the order in which they are meant to be celebrated:

  • Orange represents radiance and energy.
  • White stands for all that is unadulterated, positive, and pure.
  • Red represents passion and fire.
  • Royal blue conveys an elegant and sophisticated appearance.
  • Yellow symbolizes happiness, optimism, and enlightenment.
  • Green is the epitome of nature, life, and energy.
  • Grey is a neutral, mature, and balanced color
  • Purple symbolizes royalty, nobility, luxury, and ambition.
  • Peacock Green symbolizes purity and wealth


Oragne Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Kurti

Orange Represents radiance and energy.


Orange stands out among the wonderful Navratri colors in a distinctive way. This color is really gorgeous and vibrant and is frequently linked to vitality, fire, and warmth. Celebrate by donning an orange-colored suit from your wardrobe.

White Angrakha

Angrakha Kurti Slip Chikankari Lucknow

The literal meaning of the word ‘Angrakha’ is something that protects your body.


A top with an overlapping or asymmetrical opening at the front bodice, typically fastened by loops or knots, is referred to as an Chikankari Angrakha Kurtislip Design. Depending on the design, angrakha can be worn with leggings, jeans, palazzos, or even a skirt. They come in a variety of patterns and materials. The majority of the items were handwoven. They function as customary attire. Cotton or silk are the materials that are used to make Angrakha suits.


Red Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Kurta Trouser Set

Red represents passion and fire.


Red is considered the strongest out of the nine Navratri colors. Goddess Kali’s color is red. It conveys toughness, strength, and aggression. Don’t forget to wear red kurtas to amp up the glam quotient. Red kurtas are suitable for evening events, celebrations and other formal occasions.

Royal Blue

Royal Blue Cotton Lucknow Chikan Saree Blouse

Royal blue conveys an elegant and sophisticated appearance.


Among the nine Navratri colors, royal blue is one of the most popular. It is thought that dressing up in royal blue during Navratri will increase your health, prosperity, and power.  

Yellow Kurta Set

Yellow Symbolizes Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Yellow/Red Kurta Set

Yellow symbolizes happiness, optimism, and enlightenment.


As the color of wisdom and knowledge in Hinduism, Yellow Organza Lucknowi Chikankari Kurta is one of the Navratri colors that is emphatically embraced throughout this festival. Look stylish in a yellow suit on this day. The beautiful embroidery crafted on the yellow kurta makes it look stylish and unique.


Ada Hand Embroidered Green Ombre Shade Chanderi Lucknowi

Green is the epitome of nature, life, and energy.


Green is a lovely color that represents new experiences,growth, and fertility. Mother Nature’s color is green, and Katyayani the goddess is also honored with this color. On the sixth day of Navratri, you’ll notice that everyone is dressed in green to obtain the goddess’ blessings. – The colourful hems of the Green Kurti by Ada is the literal definition of trendy and brings out the fashionista inside you.


Grey Lucknowi Chikan Unstitched Kurta Dupatta

Grey is a neutral, mature, and balanced color


You’ve been reading about vivid and vibrant colors up to this point. But now it’s time to move on to a neutral color: the color grey. It exudes a calm and refined vibe. This has not yet been confirmed. You can, however, wear grey and offer a prayer at the temple to have all negativity removed from your life. – The Grey Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Kurti is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to wear something dark. From parties to festivals, it will always help you look different. The best part is that you can also combine it with different colors.


Navratri Special – Ada Chikankari

Purple symbolizes royalty, nobility, luxury, and ambition.


Did you know that only royal families were allowed to use purple as a dye or colour in the past? However, everyone may benefit from it today. One of the Navratri colours chosen to honour the goddess Mahagauri is purple. The colours of wisdom and peace are both purple. So on this day, dress to impress in purple.

Peacock Green

Peacock Green symbolizes purity and wealth

The ninth Navratri colour, this one signifies the conclusion of the celebrations. The ninth day of Navratri is a great time to dress up in peacock green.- This is a special saree with its beautiful infusion of neon green , red, patch work and embroidery. Pair this one up with peacock feather earrings to look stunningly beautiful.


You are now well versed with the nine colours of Navratri. Planning ahead will help you showcase your finest sense of style when you dress. Try some incredible variety of ethnic wear if you want to look stylish and authentic for the entire Navratri festival. You will undoubtedly look amazing in these 9 original Navratri outfits for the 9 days of the festival.

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