How to Style Your Persona on This Navratri

Navratri festival is celebrated across India for nine days, marking the triumph of good over evil. For each day of the festival, there is an auspicious colour, dedicated to a particular Goddess, where we wear those respective colours to dedicate it to each goddess. 

The beginning of spring and autumn are considered to be important junctions and are taken as sacred opportunities for the worship of the Divine Mother Durga.  So this Navratri Ada Chikan Introducing the most comfort and comfy fabric kurtis in nine colour, which are followed from day 1 to day 9.  

This Navratri look resplendent in flawless Lucknowi Chikankari Kurtis from Ada Designer Chikan Studio with multifaceted weaving and fragile glittery fortune of Chikan embroidery.

Orange Chikankari in Full Elegance

The orange color symbolizes the freshness and love, worn on Navratri first day. Ada Chikan recommends you step out looking fresh in Lucknowi Chikankari Orange georgette Kurti with beautifully embroidered Resham thread. Our style experts have made sure to curate the best designs on the most comfortable georgette fabric to ensure you can head out looking your best! The orange shading radiates positive and ecstatic profundity; the lush shading ensures desire and great confidence.

White Chikankari for Royal Look

The second day of Navratri is dedicated to white color, the goddess of purity. There can never be too many white dresses in a woman’s wardrobe. It is rightly said there is no such thing as too many white Chikan Kurtas. White and Chikankari are perfect melanges for beautiful attire. Depicting a sincerity and innocence of white with exemplary needlework, we have created White Hand Embroidered Kurti for you. The white shading radiates positive and ecstatic profundity; the lush shading ensures desire and great confidence.

Red Chikankari for Gorgeous Look

With a bright happy hue like Red, almost nothing can go wrong we think it’s the perfect start for any auspicious event! The Red Georgette Chikan Kurti set a mood of love for goddess on this Navratri. Traditional hues of red emanate the effect of royalty and grandeur. It is an introspective color denoting imagination, creativity, and wisdom. This extravagant hue decorated with intricate and classic Chikan embroidery formed with cotton threads adds the perfect balanced touch of extra. The practice of floral and leaf motifs seen on this Kurti create a feeling of a lush paradisiacal orchard on the red textured fabric.   

Royal Blue Chikankari for Making the Statement

The fourth-day goddess immense power represent by wearing the color dark blue. Breezy blue hues with delicate embroidery to complete the look check off as this season’s must-haves to flaunt your classy style. Ada’s Chikan Kurti creates an alluring style statement with its refreshing color palette and refined Chikan embroidery. The melange of blue Resham threads to create classic Chikan stitches on lustrous faux georgette fabric results in this simple but elegant beauty.

Trending Yellow Chikankari

The Yellow color symbolizes vibrancy and warmth, a symbol of joy and happiness.

An unprecedented inheritance, the craftsmanship that portrays class with elegance is an accurate description of Lucknowi Chikankari. Putting down the sagas of yellow color and Chikan embroidery together this Kurti symbolizes Ada’s love for Chikankari. The trending yellow hue is glorious in its all form represents fresh start and purity.

Feel the freshness with Green Chikankari

A calming Green is an essential for every girl’s wardrobe, isn’t it? This calming neutral shade has the power to enhance almost any statement jewellery that it is paired with, and allows the wearer to style it in the most versatile ways possible! Try on this gorgeous Long Kurta by Ada Chika in Georgette to easily move through all your Navratri shenanigans without any hassle! 

Grey Chikankari

The seventh day of Navratri are celebrated with grey, a highly neutralising and balancing color it allows the wearer of the garment to embrace glamor but never over-doing it! Embrace the feel of Lucknowi Chikankari with this soft and subtle Ada Hand Embroidered Grey Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Kurti. Our signature style Chikan Kurti sets the right mood for summers with intricate Chikan embroidery done with white cotton thread on comfortable cotton fabric and the sober color palette transports you to summer gardens. 

Purple Chikankari

Purple color signifies the calm and stability, the eighth day of Navratri go with classic purple Chikankari Kurti without letting you make the efforts of searching over the markets. This Purple Elegant Ada Hand Embroidered Purple Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Kurti from the house of Ada Designer Chikan Studio is nothing less than a perfect example of a classic Lucknowi Chikankari piece. The fresh blossoming color palette soothes our eyes and hearts, the cotton base is exclusively hand-embroidered with Chikan stitches using cotton threads that create regal embroidery. 

Peacock Green Chikankari

The peacock green color merges with blue and green to make the loving and amazing shade palate. Bring a touch of sophistication to your festive style with this lovely Ada Hand Embroidered Peacock Green Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Kurti from the house of Ada designer Chikan Studio. The inclusion of white thread on base and all over front Chikan embroidery makes sure you stand out from the crowd, wherever you go!

Groove to the Navratri Pooja and Garba dance with impeccable Lucknowi Chikankari Kurtis designed by Ada Chikan.

By- Aditi Gupta

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