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Chikankari is an ancient embroidery art that continues to evolve into new forms, with new fabrics and styles. Derived from the Persian word Chakeen or Chakin, which means delicate patterns on fabric, Chikankari as an art form finds mention in history as early as the 3rd Century BC. The roots of Chikankari in India has been historically linked to Lucknow city and legend has it that it was passed on by a traveller who taught it to a peasant as gratitude for the hospitality he received so that he would never have to go hungry in life.

Handmade Embroidery

Chikankari has always been a very rare and specialised art form. Pairs of artisans usually handle different stitches and embroidery among themselves. Once one side is complete, it is passed from one group to the other. So it is a time consuming process and the reason why it is so coveted. But you can always tell the real thing from a superficial one.
ADA, the leading name in Lucknow Chikankari continues to uphold the ancient traditions with its exquisite handmade creations. Ada Chikan has brought together the finest artisans who were otherwise getting drawn to other professions, to craft breath-taking Chikankari designs on finest fabrics, which draw appreciation from the cognoscente. 

Type of Chikankari stitches offered by Ada Chikan

Let’s take a look at some of the famous stitches which are practised in Chikan Embroidery of Lucknow: Tepchi, Bakhiya, Phanda, Ulti Bakhiya, Keel Kangan, Hool, Zanjeera, Jali, Pechni, Ghas Patti, Murri, Balda, Makra, Bijli, Tepchi and many more.

Intricate Work

ADA’s Chikankari designs bear the hallmark of authenticity. Intricate in their design, each masterpiece is created by master craftsmen who have acquired the skills from their forefathers. Initially, embroidery was done with white thread on white fabric on muslin or mulmul, but today as Chikankari artisans have spread out all across India, new influences and fabrics are used.  

ADA’s product offering

At Ada Chikan, the art form now finds expression in various apparel for men’s, women’s and kid’s wear.alike: Lucknow chikan sarees, kurtis, unstitched kurtas, lowers, dupata, Lehngas etc. It has also diversified to now also offer home furnishings & personal accessories. In home furnishings  they offer table clothes, mats, table runners, curtains, cushion covers, coasters and in personal accessories there is products like potli bags and clutches for women.

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Commemorate the variety of Indian Handcrafted Artistry and simplify online shopping with Ada Designer Chikan Studio Ada conceptualized the traditional art of Lucknow Chikankari as a timeless fashion statement by bringing together the finest artisans receiving delightful appreciation for the cognoscente over the years. Lucknow Chikan Craft has received a GI Tag by the Government of India, which authenticates the handicraft is made and exported from Lucknow region to provide legal protection for the craft from imitation. ADA is GI registered. +91-97-7500-7500

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