It’s All Yellow!

It’s All Yellow! 

“How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” – Vincent Van Gogh

The most ecstatic tint on the shading wheel is the trending shading patterns of this season, and keeping in mind that you may believe that the radiant shading is too difficult to pull off, we at Ada Chikan tell you how to wear and decorate your home with the colour of the season.  So for what reason not light up your closet with a touch of yellow.  The warm climate is digging in for the long haul, and that implies it’s a great opportunity to wear the joyful yellow wholeheartedly! A sprinkle of in vogue yellow with pristine Lucknowi Chikankari to let you take a flight of fantasy this season.

Yellow Chikan Kurti

Ada Hand Embroidered Yellow Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Kurti

Embrace the call of bloom this season with Yellow Cotton Chikan Kurti your wardrobe will thank you later. This beaming yellow cotton chikan kurti can be counted on for its ooze of freshness and enamouring chikankari. Hues of Yellow intermingles beautifully with white creating a delicate look for this hand embroidered yellow cotton chikan kurti. 

Yellow Chikan Saree

 Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Lucknow Chikan Saree Ada Hand Embroidered Yellow Faux Georgette Lucknow Chikan Saree With Blouse

Radiant like a summer sun! A beautiful confluence of yellow hue with delicate embroidery of Chikankari shaped on rich fabric crafting perfection.  Yellow Chikan Saree is fit for the fairy tale to dream its immaculate yellow colour augments the evanescent countenance. This saree is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the creative imagination, symbolising royalty and regality with its intricate chikan embroidery.  

Yellow Pure Georgette Unstitched Kurta Dupatta Set

Ada Hand Embroidered Yellow Pure Georgette Lucknow Chikan Unstitched Kurta Dupatta Set
Casting a sparkling spectacle in classic Yellow Pure Georgette Kurta Set, this suit depicts the picturesque panorama of a lush yellow rose garden. The cheerful yellow tint can let your soul bloom it provides a happy note! A kurta dupatta set so beautifully that it just mesmerises you with its sheer magnificence. When two pioneers of their respective craft- Lucknow chikankari and pure georgette fabric are amalgamated together, we can see a creation of astounding kurta dupatta set. 

Yellow Bed Sheet

Ada Hand Embroidered Yellow Cotton Lucknowi Chikankari Bed Sheet
Dipped in bright yellow hue and crafted with love, this Yellow Chikan Kurti is definitely a great pick to brighten up your home with its liveliness and impeccable chikankari. Let the summer sun, shine in your home with Ada Hand Weaved Yellow Cotton Lucknow Chikankari Bed Sheet. This gleaming bed sheet perks up the style and grace quotient of your home with its vibrant colour palette and refined Lucknowi chikan embroidery. 

– by Lubna Fatima 

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