Chikankari Of Lucknow: Forms of Embroidery


There are many popular embroideries in India like Chikankari of Lucknow, kashidakari embroidery of Kashmir, Kantha of Bengal, Phulkari of Punjab & Kutchi embroidery of Gujarat. Each embroidery among these has its own significance and beauty and they are very much different from the other.

Lucknow has always been known for its monuments, cultural heritage and Lucknow Chikan apart from the glorious past Lucknow has also been known for fine handicrafts that are made here, some of the popular handicrafts produced here are Chikankari embroidery, bone carving, block textile painting, terracotta and many more.

  • Kashidakari of Kashmir– It is a beautiful embroidery done mostly by the mens and in families of Srinagar, it combines a number of colors the motifs made are basically taken from the nature like floral motifs, bird motifs, fabric that is used for kashidakari embroidery is wool, silk,cotton while the threads used are wool and silk.

kashidakari embroidery

  • Phulkari embroidery– Punjabi embroidery is phulkari embroidery that includes only floral motifs. Phulkari with floral motifs is called bagh.

phulkari embroidery

  • Kutch work embroidery– This embroidery is being practiced in Gujarat it is believed that it was introduced to the Mochi’s by a muslim from Sindh. This embroidery is original and includes mirror work and interlacing stitch set.

kutch embroidery

  • Kantha Embroidery of West Bengal– This is a running stitch and its quite simple, earlier this type of embroideries was made on sarees, dhotis, quilts but with time passes away it has made its way into Indian Fashion.

kantha embroidery

  • Chikankari Embroidery– Chikankari is an intricate shadow type of embroidery, the embroidery was done using white yarn on colorless muslin cloth.




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