Ada : The Reservoir of Elegance..


“Your clothes reveal the multiple facets of your personality ”is a perfect saying marking your aesthetic in the fashion world . Hazratganj (i.e. the most classy street since 1816 ) , a number of shops flaunting their clothing art . But then and there , where your foot steps will definitely take a jerk is the timeless and a remarkable shop “ADA” (Launched in 2005) . As its name suggests , reflecting the “Nazaakat ” of City of Nawabs and carrying out the antiquity who’s origin is shrouded in mystery and legend . It is carried out by the owner Mr. Vinod Punjabi who is making Lucknow Chikan work alive with allegiance and hard work of more than 3000 employee , catering to a never ending demand from a huge base of customers not only from the city but from different parts of the world .
He took all the pains in bringing back the dying art of chikan and those motifs and crafts which got extinct years ago . Earlier this art was embedded only on muslin cloth , but Mr. Vinod changed the vocabulary by bringing it in Chanderi , Tusser , Maheshwari and many more , with an experiment on pure Pashmina satisfying your sartorial needs !!

By – Kamakshi Joshi