Summers and Chikankari – go hand in hand

Summers and Chikankari – go hand in hand

Summertime is the perfect season to wear Chikankari outfits. This traditional Indian embroidery style looks great and keeps you cool in the hot weather. This intricate embroidery technique has been a mainstay in our closets for years, and we can’t imagine summer without it.

From formal events to casual excursions, chikankari is a versatile style that can be worn for anything. By bringing together the finest artists and artisans, who have earned a lot of acclaim for the cognoscente over time, Ada created the traditional Lucknow Chikankari Kurti style as a timeless fashion statement.

This season, try out a new style of Chikankari and stay cool all summer long! Whether you choose a palazzo set, kurta or saree, you can’t go wrong with this classic Indian wear. So beat the heat in style and comfort with Ada’s exclusive collection of Chikankari outfits.

In this blog post, we will discuss the history of Chikankari and some of the latest trends from Ada in this popular embroidery style. Stay cool this summer with beautiful Chikankari outfits!

What is Chikankari?

Chikankari is a delicate and intricate form of embroidery that originated in India. “Chikan” means embroidery, and “kari” means craftsmanship. This embroidery is typically done with white thread on white fabric, but it can also be done with colored thread on different colored fabrics.

The history of Chikankari dates back to the Mughal era when it was first introduced to India by Persian artisans. It quickly gained popularity in Lucknow, becoming known as the “City of Embroidery.

Chikankari is a complex and time-consuming process that involves dozens of different stitches. The most common stitch used in Chikankari is the “shadow stitch,” which creates a subtle shadow effect on the fabric. This embroidery style is typically done by hand, but it can also be done by machine.

Types of Chikankari stitches

One of its most recognized forms of hand embroidery is Lakhnavi kurti designs, which requires a succession of stitches over many years.

Phanda: The core of the flowers is stitched with phanda and murri in traditional chikankari designs. Murri is rice-shaped, and phanda millet is shaped like a knot.

Jaali: The lalisi stitch, which prevents the thread from being pulled through the fabric, ensures that the rear section of Little buttonhole stitches are put into the fabric, and the warp and weft threads are carefully separated.

Tepchi: Tepchi is a six-stranded long stitch that holds one thread in the right side of the clot. As a consequence, a line is generated. It’s mostly utilized to make a fundamental form and is typically used as a beginning point for other stitching.

Hool: Hool involves piercing a hole in the fabric and separating the threads. It’s worked on the right side of the cloth and held in place with tiny stitches surrounding the hole.

Chikankari and regular embroidery: difference

The Chikan technique is based on a fixed design stitched in white threads. Unlike standard embroidery, which uses vivid colors and complex patterns, multi-variant stitches are applied to the floral pattern in Chikankari to create a dusky effect on a lighter cloth.

Ada is a pioneer in Chikankari’s latest fads. To make lasting items that will definitely attract attention, we collaborate with the greatest artists and craftsmen. Let’s look at some of the stunning Cotton chikankari Kurtis from Ada that come in colors that will appeal to your eyes and fill your heart!

Lucknow Chikankari Blue Angarkha Kurta

This Blue Faux Georgette Anarkali Kurta is skin-friendly, and the fabric and embroidery are comfortable and relaxing. The garment is embellished with beautiful white embroidery all over. To complete the look, wear this ethnic attire with high heels and stunning earrings.

Lucknow Chikankari Blue Angarkha Kurta

Purple Chikankari Kurti – An essence of elegance

The shade of purple in this picture is fantastic for enveloping your mystique. This kurta’s beautiful purple ground and tiny embroidery make it an ideal summer garment! This Purple dress is ideal for any occasion, whether it’s for a day out or a day at work; you can be confident in your style when you wear this classic kurti.

Purple Chikankari Kurti

Hand Embroidered Yellow Cotton Lucknowi Chikan Suit

Summer is the ideal season to display your love of having a good time in the bright yellow color that summers. A lovely hand-embroidered Lucknowi chika dupatta complements the garment. The Yellow Lucknowi Chikan Suit is a beautiful, minimal, and comfortable option for those who want to take control of their appearance. Start dressing for the part you want with this basic and comfy Yellow Lucknowi Chikan Suit.

Hand Embroidered Yellow Cotton Lucknowi Chikan Suit

Chikankari and summer go hand in hand. The breezy fabrics and intricate embroidery are the perfect way to beat the heat in style. At Ada, we have a wide variety of chikankari Kurtis that are sure to turn heads. We’ve got something for everyone from bright colors to traditional stitches.

You can buy Ada Versatile and Stylish Chikankari Kurtis for everyone online from our website or continue to chat on WhatsApp 9129066155.

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