Accentuate your beauty with timeless Lucknowi Chikankari dresses by ADA

Every woman wants to own a timeless foundation piece in their wardrobe which they can flaunt in all seasons and for all reasons. Unfortunately, there are not many styles and trends available in the market that can beat the passage of time and can withstand in the tide of fashion. The one that prevails today gets upgraded and donned in some other manner tomorrow. Whether it’s a formal official meeting or a friend’s wedding ceremony, for every occasion a woman needs to pursue the societal norms of fashion and trend.

Lucknowi Chikankari dresses serve as an ideal selection for all. This unique handicraft has not lost its charm even after centuries. The meticulous work done by the expert embroiders on the fabric takes it to another level. It gives a classic look to the wearer creating a unique style statement for them.

Mustard Georgette Chikan Sarees by Brand ADA in Lucknow city
ADA Mustard Georgette Chikan Sarees

Why chikankari dresses an ideal selection?

Lucknow, the heart of chikankari industry is having a rich market where a person can dip their toe in the sea of Mughal culture and timeless Chikan needlecraft dresses. Chikankari woman dresses are known for offering poise to the wearer. The best thing about the chikankari women dresses is that it highlights the assets of the feminine beauty making them look beautiful like never before.

Not just in the local market, Lucknowi chikankari dresses are in great demand in the global market too. This majestic art form has reached out in every corner of the world. As we all know that Indian Fashion offers the biggest contribution in various International Fashion events.

From the fabric to the embroidery thread, everything is chosen with great care and attention to create every single masterpiece. The variety of stitches offer an open work pattern that gives an artistic twist to the simple cloth piece. The comfort is always kept on the top priority therefore the hand chosen fabric is used that is highly breathable and skin friendly

Blue Georgette Chikan Sarees by Brand ADA in Lucknow city
ADA Blue Georgette Chikan Sarees

How to find the best collection?

One can easily find a rich collection of Chikan dresses in the busy streets of the traditional markets in Lucknow. But it is not easy to trace the finest collection from the crowd. Ada Designer Chikan Studio is one such destination where one can easily find something for every member of their family. Located in the hotspot of the city, this store offers an outstanding collection of finely embroidered dresses.

If you are shopaholic, Ada is the place for you! / Hazratganj Lucknow / 8795160153 / 9919920030

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Commemorate the variety of Indian Handcrafted Artistry and simplify online shopping with Ada Designer Chikan Studio Ada conceptualized the traditional art of Lucknow Chikankari as a timeless fashion statement by bringing together the finest artisans receiving delightful appreciation for the cognoscente over the years. Lucknow Chikan Craft has received a GI Tag by the Government of India, which authenticates the handicraft is made and exported from Lucknow region to provide legal protection for the craft from imitation. ADA is GI registered. +91-97-7500-7500

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