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About Lucknow Chikan

The word chikan is probably derived from the Persian word `chikin’ or `chikeen’ which means a kind of embroidered fabric. This art has its own royal significance transcending from Mughal Period to the era of Oudh Nawabs later blooming as a fashion centric form of needle craft recognised world over today. It is practiced only in Lucknow and not replicated world over. The art is G.I recognized by TRIPS which means it is authenticated for geographical regions and not replicated world wide. The multifaceted work of art, chikan boasts of its intricate. It has 32 stitches on niceties of Chikankari in various designs done majorly by women artisans. Stitches comprise of Tepchi, Bakhiya, Murri, Katai, Phanda, Jaali, Hath Kati, Pechni, Ghas Patti , Keel kangan etc . No single group of artisans master more than 4 – 5 stitches, hence it has to move to various group of artisans to complete a product . The haute couture culture of today has inspired the renowned fashion designers globally, to fuse the art of Zardozi, Kamdani, Aari with chikan dress to be cherished by highly refined aesthetic tastes . This is the only craft sold after rigorous multiple washes ruling out any shrinkage and colour bleeding.

A little about Ada Chikan

Ada conceptualized art of chikankari on a different, albeit traditional platform. Till the time Ada ventured into a designer wear concept, chikan was being produced and sold on ‘run of the mill’ basis. Ada, brought together the finest artisans who with their nimble fingers started crafting breath taking chikankari designs on finest fabrics which became a delightful appreciation for the cognoscente. To break the monotony of chikankari on a dress, a fusion of 'Zardozi', 'Aari' and 'Kaamdani' done with 'Muqaish' (flattened silver or golden wire) is done which enhances its beauty.

Ada as a brand, launched its retail outlet in the up market high street Hazratganj, Lucknow in 2005, though, the collection of 'chikankari' garments started atleast a decade earlier.

Ada,to a certain extent, has succeeded in showcasing and thereby reviving most of the chikankari stitches which were in oblivion, through its neglected 'kashidakars' (embroiderers), thereby, these artisans were uplifted monetarily too, thus, improved their standard of living. An effort is also being made to educate the offsprings of theses artists, so that their future is secured.

Mr. Vinod Kumar Arjundas, the mentor of Ada, has taken it to newer heights by transforming its retail outlet to a sprawling showroom decorated in a typical Lucknawi ethnic style complementing it with a much better and larger collection of chikankari designer wear.

The online store of Ada has opened its windows to the world not only to diversify into myriad cultures but also to educate people about this art 'chikankari' which is only made in Lucknow and nowhere else in the world. Anyone can avail a dress on their doorstep at the price it is available in its showroom at Lucknow.

Our Prestigious Visitors
 chikankari Mr. Bill Clinton - The Ex-US President’s visit to Lucknow was ushered by Ada’s exhibition of its masterpieces in Hotel Taj for the same. Mr. Clinton was startled at our remarkable collection and purchased a set of pieces for his adorable daughter, Chelsey and beautiful wife, Mrs.Hillary Clinton.
chikankari Gulzar - Sampooran Singh Kalra’s visit to our showroom was accompanied by a playful exchange of poetry and Chikankari. In verity, the two are enmeshed. Ada materializes the romance of poetry in its Chikankari.
chikankari AlkaYagnik - The euphonious singer graced our showroom by her presence. Our Chikankari products awed her. Ada does that to you by providing a quality like nowhere else!
chikankari Diana Hayden - The Femina Miss India(1997) disrupted our decisiveness. It was hard to ascertain whether the Chikankari adorned her sensuous self or her beautiful body brought out the best in our Chikankari works. We would like to assume the former!
chikankari Sri Devi - One of the most beautiful faces to have ever graced the Indian screen, Sridevi oozes oomph. However, she held the same opinion for our Chikankari handicrafts.
chikankari Zakir Hussain - Tabla Maestro, ZakirHussain, is mostly found clad in the Indian outfit (particularly, Kurta). This time he went for the one replete in Chikankari works in the most Lakhnawi way, and where to find the best but in Ada!
chikankari Najma Heptullah - The former vice-president of the BJP, like always, went the Indian way, only the raiment was brimming with Chikankari this time. When it comes to authentic Chikankari, Ada vouches for it.
Among other famous personalities on screen to have made it to our showroom are ManishaKoirala, Chunky Pandey,Rohit Roy,Vivian Desena,ShraddhaArya, Sambhavana Seth, and Krishna Abhishek.  Poetess KishwaeNaheed, Executive Editor NdtvAbhigyanPrakash, Singer MaliniAwasthi, and Chairman of AIAT, Maninder Singh Bitta are some other known personages to have privileged us by their presence in Ada.